martes, julio 29, 2008

¿Porqué Estados Unidos se convirtio en la mayor potencia económica del siglo XX?

David Brooks ensaya una respuesta aquí, en base a dos trabajos recientes:

  • Goldin, Claudia and Lawrence Katz (2007)
    "The Race between Education and Technology: The Evolution of U.S. Educational Wage Differentials, 1890 to 2005"
    National Bureau of Economic Research. Working Paper Series 12984. March 2007. Disponible aquí.

  • James J. Heckman (2008)
    "Schools, Skills, and Synapses"
    National Bureau of Economic Research. Working Paper Series 14064. June 2008. Disponible aquí.

Actualización: El NYT hace un breve pero excelente review del primer trabajo. (visto primero aquí)

domingo, junio 15, 2008

Long-term effects of high energy prices

Charles Wheelan, The Naked Economist:

[...] In the "long run", everything is up for grabs -- where we live, how we live, how we get around, and even where we go. Smart folks ought to start thinking about what happens when energy prices are four or five times what they've been for most of the automobile age. It's not rocket science: Prices go up, and rational people and firms try to avoid those higher costs. [...]